Mothers Against Muggings

Educate & Empower Street Safety

Our Mission

We are two passionate mothers who seek to educate and empower all of our young people to be safe when they are out on the streets.

It is our mission to connect and ‘join-up’ community resources and organisations that support our young people to stay safe and well.

Mothers Against Muggings 

What we do

School Programmes

We reach thousands of young people, parents and educators via our school assembly programmes.


We connect and ‘join-up’ community resources and organisations that support our young people to stay safe and well.


We are two passionate mothers who are deeply encouraged and motivated by the positive feedback we have received from our work.

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StreetW!se Programme

Welcome to the StreetW!se Programme.
We are thrilled that you have taken the time to visit us and we look forward to working with you.

What students have learned...
Some feedback from students who have attended our StreetW!se assemblies...

I didn't know that muggings involved young people mugging young people (not just adults) and that it typically happens during the day in front of others.

Yr 9 Student, Orleans Park School

I liked the safety tips - to wear just one earpod at a time, so you can hear what's happening around you and not walk around glued to your phone. That makes you an easy target.

Yr 7 Student, Christ's School

That it is important to tell your parents if you have been mugged and to report it to the police, by calling 999, so they know it has happened and can do something about it.

Yr 8 Student, Greycourt School

When you feel unsafe and you are alone, you can approach an adult or go into a shop for help.

Yr 8 Student, Saint Richard Reynolds School

There are alot of places that I'm familiar with and go to with my friends, where kids have been mugged.

Year 10 Student, Swedish School

That when you see something happening on the train or bus you can text the British Transport Police on 61016 for help.  That's cool!

Yr 9 Student, Richmond Upon Thames School